第2期 九虹青年说 | 与你相遇,好幸运

2019-04-18 11:04

Hello, everyone. My name is Article. You can also call me Dabai. I'm from Pakistan. Meet life, see Jiuhong, meet with you, good luck, please give more advice in the future.



Its been almost two weeks in this organization and I am very much impressed the way we all are working. In a healthy organization, employees and supervisors have the same goals, and everyone enjoys a feeling of inclusion and participation. Ideally, managers in a well-run organization listen to the ideas put forth by subordinates. By paying attention to signs of a superior organizational culture, an organization can stay on track and accomplish its mission. That is what I can see in this organization.

在这个 团队已经将近两周了,我对我 们的工作方式印象深刻。在一个健康的团队中,员工和 主管有着相同的目标,每个人 都有一种包容和参与的感觉。理想情况下,一个运 行良好的团队中的管理者会听取下属提出的想法。通过关 注优秀团队文化的标志,一个团 队就可以保持正轨并完成其使命。这就是 我在这个团队中看到的。

Emphasis on Purpose : A good organization has a clearly defined purpose and cultivates the attitude that purpose is more important than process. That means that supervisors stay focused on how effective employees are in doing their job, not just whether or not they followed procedure to the letter. Sometimes that means that the quality of the work trumps the quantity. It's not how many telephone calls the worker makes or how many pages his report contains --- it's how successful the calls were and how efficient the report is. Right from the chairman till the driver I can see everyone if focusing and emphasizing on the purpose of this company to make it one of the best and leading companies of not only in china but in whole world.

   明确的工作方向:一个好 的团队有明确的目标,培养目 标比过程更重要。这意味着,主管们 将注意力集中在员工工作的效率上,而不仅 仅是他们是否严格按照程序行事。有时这 意味着工作质量胜过数量。不是工 人打了多少电话,也不是 他的报告包含了多少页——而是通 话的成功程度和报告的效率。从董事长到司机,我可以看到每一个人,都在专 注和强调公司的宗旨,使其成 为中国乃至世界上最好和领先的公司之一。


Happy Employees : Another sign of a good organization is the happiness or fulfillment of the employees and an absence of fear. Satisfied employees are more willing to "go the extra mile" for the organization by staying late and pitching in without being asked. The organization benefits with increased performance and competitiveness. I have seen everyone very happy even the workers of the factories were very friendly and seems very happy. I feel like a family after being a part of this company. I have not seen any misbehave with the employees weather they are from management level or the workers at workshop. The upper management is having fun while doing work which make this organization one of the best place to work. That's the satisfaction level and happiness of the work place given to  the employees which encourage them to work more and more.

快乐的工作氛围:一个好 的团队的另一个标志是员工的幸福感和成就感,以及没有恐惧感。满意的 员工更愿意为公司”付出更多的努力“,因为他 们会在不被要求的情况下“熬夜”。绩效和竞争力的提高,团队受益,我看到 每个人都很高兴。加入这家公司后,我觉得自己像个家庭。我没有 看到员工有任何不当行为,不管他 们来自管理层还是车间工人。高层管 理人员在工作时很开心,这使得 这个团队成为最佳工作场所之一。这就是 工作场所给员工的满意度和幸福感,鼓励他们不断地工作。


Effective Leadership Style:There are a number of leadership styles that work, as well as some that don't. The authoritarian leader who exercises power over subordinates just for the sake of it undermines the system. Effective leaders are able to create a team and encourage employees to pool their talents and come up with creative solutions. Supervisors might act as coaches by allowing employees to work on their own but making themselves available to help should a difficult situation arise. The leadership of this organization is very impressive. He is taking this organization as captain is leading his men in war. The most impressive style of leadership for me is the army style as my father and grandfather was also the part of the armed force so that has a great influence on me.

军队式的领导风格:有许多 领导风格是有效的,也有一些是无效的。独裁的 领导为了下属行使权力而破坏了体制。有效的 领导者能够创建一个团队,鼓励员 工集中他们的才能,并提出 创造性的解决方案。主管可能会充当教练,允许员工自己工作,但如果出现困难情况,他们会提供帮助。这个团 队的领导令人印象深刻,他把这 个团队当做军队指挥作战。对我来说,最令人 印象深刻的领导风格是军队风格,因为我 的父亲和祖父也是军队的一员,所以对 我有很大的影响。


Fortunately, the wind of freedom brought me to China.

Fortunately, the ship of fate ferry me to Jiuhong.

幸运的是,自由的 风带我来到中国;

幸运的是,命运的 船只载我来到九虹。

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